2019 US Nationwide Collection Seattle Tremendous | Spartan Race


One other qualifying race within the #RoadtoTahoe for the Spartan Elites – Snohomish County Seattle hosts cease quantity three of 5 within the 2019 US Nationwide Collection.

Nicole Mericle is undefeated within the sequence thus far, will she be stopped?

Veejay Jones seems to stir issues up within the standings for the boys.

Watch all of the tales unfold right here, on Spartan.com and on the Spartan TV Fb web page.


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  1. I just finished the beast in vernon (my first ever race), and thought I was alright until I saw this. How the hell do these guys get as much strength as they do? I can't seem to get a straight answer anywhere else, and my family isn't much good at answering that question besides the typical "Oh they did whatever it is that I'm telling you to do" nonsense.

  2. Wow, the course looked completely different at 1:15pm same day. I was surprised to see there was actually grass on that first hill. I'm curious how the times would have differed for them all if they ran the course at the end of the day. From a trail condition standpoint, it was the muddiest Spartan I ever ran.

  3. It was a fantastic race! By the end of the day: the walls, ropes, bars, foot holds, every step of the course was ALL caked with mud, which really upped the difficulty level. Hard to do a Herc hoist when squeezing the rope and having mud ooze our of it and grind the hands. It would be great to see some of these amazing athletes run the course at the end of the day and see how times and obstacle success rates change. It would be the equivalent of determining a handicap in golf.

  4. Great coverage! Compared to last year you guys took a huge step forward, but editing could use some improvement. How could you not show VJ and Kent fail the z wall?? Maybe consider split screen for key moments so we don’t miss obstacle fails and passes. Looking forward to running and watching big bear!