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37 Comentarios

  1. Very true. I noticed a real change when I dropped the weight so I can do a full range of motion, when started training biceps 3-4 times a week and most importantly when I got the proper form down for both bicep and back exercises. What an enormous difference the last one makes. When you're swinging shit around and using god knows what muscles to do a simple bicep curl because you're too arrogant to lift smaller weights, you don't even feel a burn in the biceps. It's amazing how many times I've heard the advice to "leave your ego at the door" but still let my ego get the best of me. And even more funny, I lift alone at my house, it's not like I'm at the gym trying to impress someone lol. Great advice as always bro, thank you.

  2. Question:
    In your "The only two back exercises" video you say to "do pull-ups" and give tips on how to make sure the biceps are excluded as much as possible.
    Here you say: "Do chin-ups for more biceps activation without sacrificing on your back"

    I assume you want us to load up more weight in case of chin-ups?
    Anything important to keep in mind in case of chin-ups like: Do I want to get the chin over the bar (more of a straight body) OR do I want to get my chest TO the bar (more angled)?
    Again this is in regards to primarily working the back.

    Thanks for them awesome videos 🙂

    P.s. Mind giving us your thoughts on the push-pull-leg routine? (I'd be very interested at least)
    I'm currently doing 4 day PPL (5 I can't handle mentally…)

  3. Every other day (Mon, Wed, Fri, Sun, Tues etc.), I workout and always make it full body cause I’m skinny. One training day I’ll kill my biceps, then do non-compound exercises on the rest of my body. Next training day I’ll kill my legs/chest/glutes or whatever I choose. Is this an effective strategy to gain?