It isn’t arduous to construct huge triceps guys. Particularly when coaching with heavy compound actions just like the bench press. However, there are some key parts to triceps coaching that if not executed correctly can maintain again your in any other case EXPLOSIVE progress!

Tip #1 – You Want To ISOLATE Your Triceps
It is a no-brainer, proper? Effectively, simply maintain on a minute. In fact, you knew I used to be going to speak about isolating the triceps, in any other case, I’d simply let you know that flat and incline presses are sufficient.

Effectively, they’re NOT! You WILL nevertheless, make nice good points coaching with simply huge compound actions while you’re an entire newbie.

But when after a 12 months or so your triceps cease rising (or every other muscle group for that matter), you WILL HAVE to isolate them and pressure them to develop.

Having mentioned that, by isolating your triceps, I do NOT essentially imply you need to carry out isolation-type actions just like the Triceps Kickback or the Cable Pushdown.

You continue to have to OVERLOAD your triceps by choosing workout routines like a Shut-Grip Bench Press, Dips, or a Powerbomb, that are going to be rather more helpful to you.

So if you happen to haven’t already, take a look at my article known as “THE ONLY TWO TRICEPS EXERCISES YOU NEED FOR GROWTH” and provides that exercise routine a shot in your subsequent arm day.

Tip #2 – Do NOT Flare Your Elbows!
Now this one is IMPORTANT as a result of it may be utilized to all triceps workout routines.

Let’s take the Shut-Grip Bench Press for instance! No matter your grip width, if you happen to begin flaring your elbows out, you’re turning the train into a normal bench press. The difficulty right here is that as quickly as dudes get on a bench, they get upset in the event that they’re not un-racking as a lot weight as attainable.

It’s a CLOSE-GRIP Bench Press, the load SHOULD be lower than a normal bench press. The complete vary of movement is totally different and when Shut-Grip Urgent, the barbell for essentially the most half stays over your torso as you press the load up.

Additionally, your elbows needs to be tucked in in opposition to your sides and be positioned instantly underneath your wrists.

What normally occurs is as quickly as fatigue units in, as an alternative of simply racking the load we get cussed and attempt to push by way of the reps…which usually is okay, however provided that you possibly can maintain your elbows tucked. If not, they are going to flare out and also you’ll begin bench urgent with out realizing it.

Even on an train like a V-Bar Push-Down, if you happen to begin flaring OUT your elbows, then that specific train instantly turns right into a extra chest and front-delt dominant motion that resembles the bench press.

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  1. It's not hard to build big triceps guys, especially when training with heavy compound movements like the bench press. But, there are some key components to triceps training that if not executed properly can hold back your otherwise EXPLOSIVE growth! Your arms might be growing now, but just think about how much MORE growth you could have if you knew all the tips you need to gain that extra edge on every exercise! Well, that's my goal with my "67% Series" so THUMBS UP if you want to see more!
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  2. Hi Scott, I felt my long head more with kickbacks instead of any overhead tricep exercises. In fact not only I couldn’t feel my long head during the exercise, my elbows kind of hurts when I lower the weight behind my head. Does it mean overhead tricep exercise is not my thing?

  3. Hi scott, question.

    I worked out 1 year, around two years ago. I was always in a caloric defecit from 10-25%.

    Right now, I'm 205lbs. I started working out again, have been doing so for 2 weeks again.
    Also currently at a caloric defecit of 25%, at 2200 cal. My maintenance is 2500.
    Working out 6 times a week.

    Should I be working out on maintenance, or should I have a 10% increase in calories over my maintenance?
    The idea of course is to build muscle, but also losing fat.

    I can't seem to get an answer anywhere, thanks!