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Be part of Adriene for a candy 18 minute yoga circulation created to encourage grounding and steadiness. This apply is an invite to belief. Simply as we situation and strengthen our our bodies, so can also we situation and strengthen our sense of belief and hope. With this fast circulation, we’ll domesticate recent vitality and launch something stagnant. We’ll additionally gently floor with some hip openers, energize with some coronary heart openers, and invite steadiness again to the thoughts, physique and spirit.

Tis the season.

Tell us how you feel down within the remark part beneath!

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44 Comentarios

  1. Adriene, thank you for incorporating a pose which you yourself have challenges with … you never cease to be real and down-to-earth and that's why you've been so successful at welcoming newbies to this amazing (and unfortunately intimidating … due to marketing crapola mostly) practice. You're the best!! <3 Namaste

  2. Yup that was a epic stretch in the back hip like that bind with the hand and leg really kicked my butt I didn't even realise it's that yummy so thank u for the new experience Adriene I feel great now , little sore in the hip but good sore hope everyone had a lovely practice and Namaste Everyone 💕💞💗💓💖❤🙏🙏

  3. For Day 11 of OPEN this practice really taught me how deep breathing helps me concentrate on my balancing. I was a little wobbly on the second side of that challenging last pose but breathing deep and thinking of my core stabilised my wobble and phew it got my heart rate increasing. A great strength builder, thanks for that Adriene. See you tomorrow forum new video 🧘🏼‍♀️🧘🏻‍♀️🙏💞

  4. Adriene, you'll probably never see or read this, but I just wanted to know you helped me so incredibly much tonight. I received some truly, truly devastating news tonight and it broke my heart. I was in the midst of a panic attack when I realized I hadn't done my yoga. This practice is scheduled for Saturday but when I saw the title I knew it was put there to help me. I did this practice with tears in my eyes and a broken heart and it calmed my soul so deeply. I still feel broken…but at least a little less. Thank you, Adriene. Namaste.

  5. its a small thing but I really loved when Adriene suggested using lavender and then added that its not a big deal if you don't have it and you aren't missing out. I have been through my share of financial struggle and dealt with a lot of classism in my job, and that moment of being like, "well its not that great don't worry about it" was such a nice way to keep this place feeling welcoming. (The fact that this is free is also a huge deal for me, and it helped me through some depression when I was dealing with food insecurity and definitely would not have been able to afford a yoga class.) Anyway, lots of love to everyone reading this and wishing you a wonderfully hopeful day!

  6. I am a left-leg, above-knee amputee and after a little over a year of doing your practices I was able to hold, for just a few seconds, the pose where, in tabletop, my right leg is up and back and my left arm reaches behind and grabs my foot. Balancing on my prosthesis is a challenge and this is a victory.