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  1. Where do I start? Do you ever have that urge to go to the gym, but never end up going? Seeing all your videos have inspired me to change that. I am not overweight, but could be skinnier. I work my butt off to lose weight and never thought of such easy, creative ways to do it. You guys inspired me to even eat healier. I have alomost vowed to myself to take carbs out of my diet and stay away from the goodies. I hope you choose me!! PLEASE! ps did i mention i'm obsessed with your channel?!

  2. Hi, well just follow the TIU girls 🙂 You can start with doing one video every day and change one of your meals to a raw meal, like only fruits for breakfast or salad for lunch/dinner. Do their videos daily, eat lean clean and green and you will loose the 18 pounds in no time. If you can afford it, buy their plan. But they also have tons of tips on their blog for free. They have a very cool free community on, you will get lots of support there, would love to see you there

  3. hey girls! wow, the bikinis are STUNNING and I have always wanted one like the ones you wear, so imagine my serious disappointment to see that C cup is the largest?! I'm a toned size 4 with cup size DD and feel like I'm being told I'm essentially plus size…:-( is there nothing available for girls with boobs? they're so gorgeous and I worked so hard at my slim down- I want to flaunt my efforts in a hot bikini! x