Calum Von Moger’s Delt Demolition Exercise


Treatment even the worst case of sickly shoulders with Calum von Moger’s 5-exercise deltoid demolition exercise!

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That is one in all my favourite shoulder exercises. It combines heavy compound actions and lighter, isolation workouts to construct your shoulders to absolutely the max. I even used this exercise to prepare for the 2014 Mr. Universe competitors. It is fast, brutal, and nice for hypertrophy.

In case you are the kind of lifter who all the time desires to strive one thing completely different, this is a superb exercise to combine into your rotation. Every train targets a distinct a part of the deltoid: The presses primarily goal the entrance delts, the upright rows goal your traps and medial delt, and also you end by flying in to explode your posterior delts.

Get your physique and thoughts prepared for this deltoid demolition. With all of the units, reps, and triple dropsets, your health club will appear like a dumbbell graveyard.

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  1. I'm not sure why this guy gets the attention? Yip, he looks big, he's worked hard and that can't be denied but his proportions are all wrong. Shoulders look strange and his biceps look out of proportion to his lower forearms and the overall shape of arms looks a little off somehow. He reminds me of a car built in the 90s.

  2. All of classic bodybuilder they actually do military press neck never in the front
    And now these skinny fitness guys are arguing with this case saying military neck press is actually bad
    Personally I have always done neck press since I was 18 just today I have done front just to see the effect I actually had a pain and I'm 30

    Is it me or those skinny dudes are nuts

    What is the deal ?