Bear in mind when individuals used to care about their picture and the knowledge they supplied as to not seem like a whole douche within the eyes of their friends and neighborhood? I MEMBER! #SouthPark

However let’s get critical guys, relating to the shoulders recovering from an damage introduced on by YEARS and YEARS of dangerous kind will be nearly inconceivable at occasions. So the answer is to ensure it by no means will get that dangerous to start with. The chest fly shouldn’t be an train meant for OVERLOADING. It is used to warm-up, concentrate on mind-muscle connection, or wrap up a strong chest exercise as soon as your chest is already fatigued. However with so many angles, the cable chest fly can get tough at occasions. So I believed I might lay down the fundamentals and assist all of you higher perceive the mechanics of this motion so you can begin incorporating it SAFELY into you exercises.

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  1. Remember when people used to care about their image and the information they provided as to not look like a complete douche in the eyes of their peers and community? I MEMBER! #SouthPark

    But let's get serious guys, when it comes to the shoulders recovering from an injury brought on by YEARS and YEARS of bad form can be almost impossible at times. So the solution is to make sure it never gets that bad to begin with. The chest fly is not an exercise meant for OVERLOADING. It's used to warm-up, focus on mind-muscle connection, or wrap up a solid chest workout once your chest is already fatigued. But with so many angles, the cable chest fly can get tricky at times. So I thought I would lay down the basics and help all of you better understand the mechanics of this movement so you can start incorporating it SAFELY into you workouts.

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  2. Hey Scott! Can you do a video on muscle imbalance if you haven’t already? (Assuming you have since it’s a very common problem with a lot of people). Because I feel that my left arm is stronger and bigger than my right arm (mind you I’m a righty). It’s not THAT noticeable but if u take a close look you can tell. Anything i May be doing wrong?

  3. Hi scott. i have been training for 3 years good result. i just work a year ago thing hasn't been the same. i'm a construction worker now i work 5 days a week some days i do 17 thousand steps and some days i do around 11 thousand step. i don't if i should be doing my 8-12 reps workout. i heard people who does a lot of physical work they should be doing reps under 5 and mostly strength training and btw i standing 8 hours a day. i just wanna know if should be doing push pull leg or do bro split since i'm using my muscles everyday

  4. Yo scott. I am doing your PPL program and it wont let me post this on the app. But Never thought 5 pound cable flys could feel so heavy when focusing on the squeeze lol. Quick question. When I was doing the shoulder press felt a pop where my shoulder connects with my tricep. Any suggestions on recover so it

  5. Thank you for this video!! I've added chest flys to my workout recently but I wasn't sure of the form, especially the part about the shoulders. My shoulders was painful after one of my recent workout but I didn't know why. I'll be keeping your advice in mind from now!