Cobra Pose – Yoga With Adriene


2013 is the 12 months of the snake! So set your intentions and study cobra! You’re more likely to encounter cobra and its sister poses in a Hatha Yoga class. So study it right here or evaluation it with recent new 12 months eyes! Shed that pores and skin and rejuvenate! Verify in together with your again. Go gradual. Deal with that candy backbone. Open your coronary heart, dang it! You deserve it.
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  1. Pleasant surprise to see my favorite yogi (other than my beautiful friends, of course), Adrienne, featured on Higher Perspectives! Link-a-dink-a-ding-dong:

    Adrienne, I hope you keep up the good work and continue to allow your inner goddess to shine. Thank you for touching so many souls and putting out your good energy! So powerful, you have never failed to put a smile on my face. 😀 Namaste.

  2. Hi adriene,

    Thank you for the videos. You're a great instructor. When I have been doing the cobra from downward dog during yoga classes I have found that I get a pain in my lower back left side. Am I doing it incorrectly? Do you keep your core muscles entirely relaxed or engage your core as you go into cobra?


    Carla x