COLLEGE- Is It Doable To Preserve Muscle Mass With A Full Schedule & Full Time Job?




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Man, do I keep in mind how onerous it was to commute to class and work a full time job… THEN… it was time to exercise for two hours.. AND THEN! HOMEWORK!

Wired but?

Don’t be concerned guys, it’s doable to keep up and proceed to make features whereas at school and on this video I speak about how I survived and gives you tricks to keep on monitor whether or not you reside on campus or are a commuter identical to I used to be.

I need to see you all succeed and I do know you’ve got what it takes to do it! #HTH #SHFAthlete #MuscularStrength

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48 Comentarios

  1. Great video. Many times in my life I mess with a problem – work or gym. In my opinion – if you have normal schedule at place where you work – you will have time for gym. I spend minimum 2 hours to get to my work every day – traffic gam, angry drivers – all of these gets my strength. But when I am realized that it's now or never – I found time for gym even when I was abroad. All weakness (except medical prescriptions) are in you head. Now I am 25 and I move to my goal – no matter how hard I work (I am an IT guy and yes it's hard). Don't spoil your body. Life is only one.

  2. Scott,
    Due to some unfortunate circumstances with my roommate, I have been put into to the surprisingly fortunate position to work out on my own and really start taking it seriously. I just wanted to say your videos have been PHENOMENAL in helping me so far with improving my technique. Thank you for explaining everything so concisely and being clear about what to do, it makes a huge difference and explaining the logic makes it all the more easy to understand and implement. You have the whole package man, thanks a lot!

  3. one thing that always annoyed me in college was when i would miss a class and the teacher would say its not good you can't do that in life in your job. well no shit. job and class is completely different, also considering im paying tuition which essentially pays the professor . that being said, since my classes in arch. were heavily computer program nad book based. i'd just binge work and get shit done then hand it in and miss class since i was done w/ stuff. too bad back then i used the free time ot party rather than be productive and workout. scheduling for some people is key. good recomendation on the book, i myself didn't need one, but i knew a few people who would have found it really handy. yeah, people gotta ignore the negative people. they claim college is more mature, but i found college to have just as many immature snots as high shcool.

  4. I have a friend at a well know Tech School going for EE. It's not a joke.
    Oh and he's also married with a newborn.
    Has to love with in-laws.
    Thankfully got a full scholarship for tuition and books, but food and vehicle he's on his own.
    School all day, study all night, with wife+baby.. Dude has no time.
    I do admire HIS dedication though. Everyone talking shit about how bad do you want it?
    How bad do you want to graduate a prestigious university with an esteemed degree in engineering, not to mention support a wife and child.
    How bad do you want an actual successful life.
    Because with cases like my friend, you can't focus on your looks in the mirror.
    Dude eats stupid clean and healthy, stays lean, that's not a problem.
    But weights and routines? Not possible.
    Most of the guys reading this probably have no idea how tough/impossible it can be to live that life, unless you run on 3 hours of sleep.
    And most dudes are out working out, to get a girl, men's respect or admiration, or feel more secure about themselves.
    No one reading this HAS to work out to live, and HAS to lift weights to be successful.
    And before the whole "I'd rather die blah blah bull shit" stfu, no you wouldn't and if you would, don't deserve to live anyway.
    I promise this world wouldn't miss one more narcissistic or one more douche slingings weights around.
    I'm certain your quest for lifting weights isn't really helping anyone unless you're some phenomenal weightlifting champion, strongman, or PL.
    I've lived the hardcore gym life, I ate, slept and breathed it. My name is fucking hardcorebarbell on here and I've had this name for years and years. It's the name of the PL gym I went to.
    And before you talk shit, I'm no fat powerlifter either, back the fuck off the bullshit.
    All I'm saying is to do what my friend does EE, wife, kid AND serious gains, not possible.
    come at me!

  5. Even if I'm only getting 5 hours of sleep a night 4 days a week. Do you think it'd be smart to still go heavy on my compound lifts. Ever since college and work started. I noticed I've lost a lot of weight and my weights have gone down in the gym. I work 40 hours a week and go to school 4 days a week and go to the gym 2-4 days a week depending on homework

  6. the SAT part of Scotts story hit home with me. I'm a business student and have always wanted to go to NYU. I was a great student with a 3.9 gpa but my sat was bad with a 1910. 1/3 of nyu business students have a perfect 2400 on their sat so you guys have something to compare to. what set me apart was what i did outside of school work. i founded two clubs at my school that are still going strong. i had a job for two years that dealt with business. i had an internship in my field. that's the stuff college cares about. so if you're worried about sats.. don't be that freaked out. it's just the tip of the iceberg. i did get into NYU but didn't attend. i couldn't pull off the 65000 a year lol