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Welcome to your Day 1 Dedicate apply! This full size yoga session invitations you to take the mandatory time to drop in and concentrate on important vocabulary that you’ll take with you for the entire 30 days. Set the tone to your journey as we DISCERN or acknowledge your motive for displaying up.

The toughest half is displaying up. This loving, informative and foundational apply will ease you in properly.

We’re doing this!


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31 Comentarios

  1. Wow, this 49 minutes flew by. I'm doing this to reclaim my mental, physical, and spiritual health. I've been having a rough, but very introspective, past few years. I also have't done yoga in years and phew – did this make me emotional a bit. Thanks for posting these and for your positive vibes! <3

  2. thank you, adriene.
    I haven't taken to the mat in over three years. I definitely felt the tightness and resistance that has built up over the years of neglect and abandonment to honour myself as I should.
    on a whim this morning, I decided to come back. and I saw this 30 day journey. it felt right for me.
    thank you. I can't wait to join you tomorrow morning.

  3. Starting today!
    Seeking more peace in my mind & relief from the anxiety spirals – as well as less pain in my body. Thinking a lot about movement as nourishment, about moving in ways that feel good – rather than to "get in shape". Also thinking a lot about being present, and being in my body.
    Thank you Adriene for holding space, and for this wonderful gift.

  4. Adriene, Day 1 for me in this Dedicated journey. Thank you for your guidance and love. I am grateful to be part of this community.
    During the first 15 min or so, I could hear your heart beating in the mic, and it kept connecting me back to my breath, the beats of life. I am a mom and full-time student trying to find that balance and mindfulness daily to be able to take care of my family and love myself fully. This is my start. XOXO

  5. I'm a little late to the party, but I'm really glad I finally started this 🙂 It feels awesome knowing that so many people are doing this with me. I've been practicing with your videos for quite some time now but dedicating (:D) even more time to myself feels so liberating. You're teaching me how to be less strict and more kind to myself during practice, which is a problem I didn't even realize I had… I can't wait where this journey is taking me. Thank you so much, Adriene xx (also, your dog is the cutest)