Dedicate – Day 14 – Grace | Yoga With Adriene


Welcome to your Day 14 Dedicate Follow! This environment friendly 20 minute complete thoughts and physique session builds on Day 13 superbly. Your day 14 observe will soften worries and relieve stress and anxiousness.

In case you are on Day 14 then I do know you’re devoted to displaying up and discovering the great things.

I do know you may have been working in a extremely disciplined approach these previous few days.

Keep it up. Keep centered.

Don’t cease now. It’s transformation time.

Bear in mind to have enjoyable with it!

Don’t underestimate your self.

You might have a whole lot of instruments now.

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48 Comentarios

  1. Adriene I Iove ur 30 day Dedicate. I have been pretty flexible my entire life. I am however having a hard time with balance. Can u please reccomend some exercises that will help me out with this. I really want to master Yoga. Maybe even teach it some day, but I need to learn how to balance first. Please don't ever stop ur Yoga classes on line. They have taught me ao much about myself. I have also learned to control my temper. You're the best.

  2. Dearest Adriene, I have followed your videos for around 6 years and you bring me so much joy. I struggle sometimes to dedicate time to myself each week but when i do, it's like being greeted by an old friend. It´s like i never left class x I´m so glad that one day you chose to make these videos and share them with people and thank you for your generosity and time . You have made yoga for me, less complicated, fun and achievable. I´m only on 13, but I started in January and I'm determined to finish the whole series. Sending love from Spain x

  3. I can tell that I need a slower practice. Not easier, just slower. I like to explore each position some more, I just need more time to settle. So my feedback so far would be to change more back and forth between the more core-oriented practices, which can be faster too, and the ones that are more about exploring. In other words, it can be hard to properly work on breath, alignment and range of motion in each shape, if the pace is too high. I appreciate your teaching, and will definitely finish the 30 days still, but I know which direction I want to head in afterwards.

  4. Repeat of Day 14 on the books! Yay! Today was good, wasn't able to keep up on everything but did enjoy it! Thank you, Adriene I can't thank you enough! I am 52 and this is my 2-month trying yoga and I love it!! I quit smoking 4 mos ago and yoga has been my therapy if you will. Relieves stress, increases breathing and builds strength and helps me meditate and get closer to my higher power.

  5. It is unbelievable how this journey was not made especially for me and not made to be followed on these exact days. I still think it's a miracle. Tomorrow is our ballet performance and grace is the perfect thing to look for and aim for today. Even though my muscles were tired from the dress rehearsal, I felt graceful and I felt an amazing faith in tomorrow's performances and the grace for all of the girls. Thank you, namaste

  6. I recently heard a key note speaker at a conference who reminded us that loving ourselves is a daily ritual- like doing the dishes. Candy Palmater @TheCandyShow. I am on day 13 of developing of developing a little time for some self love and am feeling the benefits. Thank you to Candy Palmater and Adriene for helping me see time for myself in a different way and for making it feasible.

  7. Hi Adriene and Team YWA! I am on Day 14, after 14 days of daily practice (missed a couple but caught up the next day with two! Dedication or what!?) I started practicing yoga just seven months ago but it is making a huge impact on my health and wellbeing. I am a few months behind this course (after struggling to maintain a daily practice in January – I was a dropout) but still feel as though you and others are on the 'journey' with me. Your videos have really helped my practice to develop and broaden. I attend a weekly class too but your teaching has helped me to get more out of the class as well. I thank you so much for your time and approach to yoga and life! I only wish my dog were as supportive as Benji – he thinks yoga = play time! 💚

  8. Today was my favourite! I went into such a baby like blissful state and I felt like it got over too soon! I don't even know what to call this state. I went to my happiest place in my head. Perhaps somewhere in the swiss alps like Heidi in her grandfather's house. Lots of love and affection to you Adriene, one of the most inspiring persons I have ever come across and for whose existence I thank the god everyday.

  9. Finished this session with the most grace I have ever experienced!
    Opened my eyes to see my work messaging me right in the moment the video ended..nearly just went straight for the phone..but I stopped myself and stood there, bowed my head to my heart again, and I gave such gratitude to everything and everyone, I felt this deep Union and love with myself that I haven’t felt in a long time..I gave gratitude for my ability to grow/transform especially with this Spring time just beginning.
    Then I saw 333k views 🙂
    Thank you Adriene and thank you to the Source of All That Is for bestowing us with you, bestowing us with the ability to truly live and be alive, and for connecting with one another.
    I love you all my dear family 🙂 💗💗💗

  10. I just recently discovered Adriene, wow what took me so long?! I'm slowly working my way through these Dedicate practices. Better late than never! As I've grown older, I have sometimes been disappointed with my body and what it can't do anymore. Thank you, Adriene, fro reminding me to have grace for myself and my body.

  11. I LOVE LOVE showing up with you. It has been 4 years since I have been in a dedicated yoga practice and I cannot even begin to tell you how much this has contributed to my life and daily "stuff". I have chosen to be with you in mind and body to help me with issues and patterns of behavior that I know do not belong in my beliefs and my lifestyle. I find that during my tough moments I go to you and visualize our practice together. I am so involved, I tear up during the end….at the hands to third eye moment……what is that about! I can't wait to explore more with you. You are awesome, thankyou for you.

  12. I came back ! I started this session with you in time then after 13days i missed a day so i just stopped . Now after all that time im back ! I've been doing yoga meanwhile but i was lacking the courage to get back at this journey and finish it . Your sessions never fail to make me feel better and peacful even in my worst days..and your jokes are the best you're so funny and kind ❣ I adore you Adriene 💜💜💜💜