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Welcome to your Day 2 Dedicate follow! On this session we deal with all facets of yogic basis to equip you with the important instruments and sensibility to welcome transformation & take accountability to your whole well-being. This session focuses on motion, alignment and energetic consciousness to set you as much as have a sustainable and significant house follow that serves.

Tell us the way it goes down under! Namaste!

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  1. Happy Day 2 everyone! This is not your mama's foundation practice. In addition to physical foundation, we connect to the energetic body to create a sustainability well-being for both mind and body. I hope you enjoy it! Let us know how you are feeling in the comment section down below!


  2. Day 2 complete, fourth consecutive of yoga with you. Cannot believe what I've just written, so a huge thank you to you, Adriene! I've tried SO SO many times to get into yoga but always struggled to keep going. Injury and stress have brought me back for another attempt and you've got me hooked! I'm loving it, if a little sore… Day 3, bring it on!

  3. I love yoga! Especially yoga with Adrienne. When I do yoga it is so sweet for me to focus on Jesus as my foundation and it is wonderful how all the awesome themes she emphasizes such as hope, respect, joy, peace are found in Jesus. This practice is such a blessing for me and a sweet way for me to spend time with Him!

  4. You amaze me Adriene. I had gotten my yoga teaching certificate in Anusara yoga 17 some years ago. I learned a lot about poses but now I actually 'feel' the poses from my center, my core, my foundation. I am so in tune now with my yoga practice like never before in my life. The way you describe and how you use your words totally opens up my eyes to yoga like never before. Thank you <3

  5. This is day two for me and I'm feeling a type of calm I don't think I've ever felt before. I'm currently at university all day 4 days a week and I've recently had a flare-up in my anxiety and depression. All of these stresses had me resisting yoga, saying it would just give me room to spiral and get stuck ruminating over anything and everything my mind could latch onto. But despite being time poor, I've decided to make time for myself and despite the fact that I'm still confused about one of my assignments, I've never felt this at ease

  6. I've had the most enlightening and wonderful experience with this. Just as the practice was drawing to a close, I lay down on the mat and felt this sudden burst of warmth and cosiness. It felt as though in that very moment I managed to reconnect with myself on a spiritual level, and I could actually feel the gratitude towards myself for trying to incorporate more acts of pure self-love into my life. I've spent many years being strict and condemning myself, all the while ignoring my own voice. I started bawling my eyes out on the mat, but it was magical and so relieving. I'd read about other people having to cry after practice, but only now I fully understand. I'm slowly tearing down the wall between my body and my mind. Thanks Adriene xx

  7. Wow we really kicked it up a notch today! I found myself mostly doing the less intensive versions of each pose because I have a disability and anything close to exercise yoga is too much for me. But I wanted to say I loved this, and I really appreciate how open you are to people of all abilities and consistently give options to those of us who can not physically hold a difficult pose (like a plank) for a long period of time. I feel fully stretched and worked out and ready for the day, but not like I pushed myself to the point where I'll be in pain for days after. Thank you very much Adriene, you have been such a huge help to me. Namaste.

  8. Just did Day 2 and my body felt amazing from yesterday. During the session i notice how my body sort of waking up and yes i kiss both of my knees gratefully. I cried again at the end of the session. Dont know why i get so emotional yet so grateful that i have found this video. Thank You. Love you adriene. Hope to see you in day 3 tmw.