Facet Plank Pose | Vasisthasana


On this episode of the Foundations of Yoga we be taught Facet Plank. Adriene provides a number of variations and encourages you to search out what feels good, transfer at your personal tempo, construct power and get blissful!

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18 Comentarios

  1. Adriene, Thank you for making these tutorial foundation videos. The opportunity to fully discuss a position or a movement outside of a class is a fantastic help! 🙂 That said. . . you did something for Side Plank that I see every Yoga instructor doing, and I am disapointed to see it in a "Foundations Seminar". You took us straight to the pose, knowing full well that many of your viewers (me) are not yet strong enough to pull this off.

    This is a FOUNDATIONS video. Suggest STARTING with the absolute beginners variation, Then demonstrate the "intermediate" variation, and finally demonstrate the full (for this video) pose. Build the students up, Build their confidence in the pose. Please don't make them feel uncomfortable right out of the gate. More beginners would stay with Yoga is they did not feel the instructor was "showing off" then making accommodations when they see student who can not do the pose.

    This is something I see in all Yoga instructors, and some experienced students. Which maybe fine in an advanced, or at least an Intermediate class, but not in a beginners class.

  2. I really love your foundation series, it's so nice to get all the information on each pose! Just one question, I have a weak wrist from an injury, so it hurts a lot to do a side plank on it. Could I also just do side plank on my elbow instead? Anyways, I love your channel :)! X