Fast Stress Repair – 5 Minute Sequence


Here’s a fast and simple Yoga video to make really feel good. This can be a nice little sequence to stretch the physique and relieve any stress or stress. It’s certain to re-connect you to your physique and maybe elevate you up in case you are feeling down. It’s a good thing to do after work (or perhaps earlier than an interview) as you transition out of your busy day to your night. Take a second to search out what feels good! Smile! Follow self love.

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  1. Just yesterday morning I made a decision to start yoga. Then my (almost) 3 year old was admitted to the hospital for at least overnight. Today, I decided to at least try just something small. My stress and anxiety levels are through the roof. I have 4 kids all under 3! My almost 3 year old, a 1 year old, and 4 month old twins. As a single mom it gets very very trying at times. I hate admitting it but I'm definitely burnt out. I have heard that yoga is great for stress relief. Also there are modifications that can be made. I'm considered extremely obese, although I carry it well and I'm confident, I know the numbers are not good at all. I have also heard that you can lose weight from yoga so added bonus for me. But could you give me some ideas on what to start with? Is it worth going to an actual class or would YouTube videos suffice?