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Cussed biceps WILL develop you probably have the correct data to assist spark that progress. Not each answer is «extra weight» both guys. There are quite simple tweaks that you may make to your present exercise RIGHT NOW that can take it to a complete new degree and I personally imagine a superb coach is one that may present you tips on how to make issues higher as an alternative of at all times telling you to do some new loopy train they pulled out of their butt. #BreakingTheNattyLimit

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  1. Stubborn biceps WILL grow if you have the right knowledge to help spark that growth. Not every solution is "more weight" either guys. There are very simple tweaks that you can make to your current workout RIGHT NOW that will take it to a whole new level and I personally believe a good trainer is one that can show you how to make things better instead of always telling you to do some new crazy exercise they pulled out of their butt. #BreakingTheNattyLimit
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  2. Hi Scott… Surely as a full life clean athlete (as I am) you need to go to 'propper' failure to break down the muscle fibres to force hypertrophy. My understanding is that unless you progressively overload the biceps to failure they won't grow because the stimulant isn't high enough.

  3. I have a question that may seem stupid but don't judge me people

    I'm a beginner who's been working out for 3 months. I noticed some clear gains but there's something that confuses me. I do
    5 sets of 15 dumbbell bicep curls
    5 sets of 15 dumbbell hammer curls
    5 sets of 15-18 dumbbell shrugs
    5 sets of 8 pull ups in a day
    My question is that do i have to do all these sets in one workout or should i divide them on different parts of the day? I need a quick response please.