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  1. @MissChristinesTV no don't starve yourself!! you may just have beat down your metabolism with eating the wrong things for too long. we thought we were eating healthy & clean before, then we did our research and we were shocked to find out the truth : what we did was wright up a nutrition program for ourselves, and it's how we got into the shape we're in today! you can pick up your copy of the exact same plan (updated a few times since) at toneitupdiet/com 🙂 you'll love the results!

  2. aahaha. Holy crap, talk about serious cat ladies. Seeing the cat stuck on the curtains absolutely had me dying of laughter. I love you guys; seriously; whenever i'm in a crappy mood I watch your videos; and I feel so motivated and feeling 100x's better. Thank you so much. I honestly don't think I can thank you guys enough. <3