How To: Deficit Deadlift- Enhance Type & Improve Your MAX




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The deficit deadlift has helped me vastly enhance my general power in each my deadlift and squat in a brief period of time as a result of this train forces you to get low and actually concentrate on performing the motion by pushing by your legs / hips.

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(0:17)- Deadlift: Why You are Not Lifting As A lot As You Might.

(0:17)- How To: Rack Pull- Improve Your Deadlift MAX & Explosive Energy!


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  1. uhhhh only question I have, is how much should you deficit deadlift? If I'm pulling 440×2 right now, I wouldn't wanna do that again on a deficit? Should the weight be something simple like 225 or something? moderate weight? And can these be done on an accessory day? I have my own deadlift day, but like accessory day would be ok to put this in? Thank you for the vids btw, you dont know how much I appreciate them. Always liking them and telling people about your channel, awesome help.

  2. Hi Scott, since I was always weak on the regular DL I decided to take your advice and try the deficit DL for a bit. The thing is I have only done it for a couple of sessions, started a bit lower than my regular DL, and I could add 5kg each session. Now today I tried the regular DL again and only got 3x150kg, then I tried again and couldn't get it up a single time. I got mad and decided to try the deficit DL with the same weight I already failed twice. So I tested it with 5x100kg first to make sure I wasn't already too fatigued and wouldn't hurt myself. Then I went for it and completed 5x150kg deficit DL rather easy. I just don't understand it how am I stronger on the deficit DL when I have only been doing it for a couple of workouts and have been doing the regular DL for months ? I am so frustrated right now, I always knew my regular DL was shit but I just can't seem to get my strength on the ground for some reason. Do you have any idea what the problem might be ?

    tl;dr deficit DL > regular DL. how is that possible and how to change it ?

  3. deficits will indeed carryover to deadlifts and squats … and your hips will be lower regular off the floor by the amount of the deficit .. but your hips are too low  .. the result is your knees are in the way so its tilting you forward to get round them … there will be more forward knee travel to get to the bar … but it shouldn't be excessive .. using a plate for each foot or a solid block means your stance doesn't get compromised .. the same foot placement as off the floor means the most carryover … the deadlift off the floor should be exactly the same every single rep in terms of hip position whether its a heavy single or a light warm up …

  4. Hey Scott great video as always. I've been a subscriber to this channel for several years and it's been great having your expertise to help in reaching my goals. One suggestion that I had was to do more videos on advances techniques such as this one but also do more topical discussion type videos! Like the ones where you talk about different ideas and sharing your opinion and professional knowledge as well. We all love lists and how tos so definitely do more of those! But as a note, for a video like that, you gotta make it short and sweet and don't ramble too much! 10 minutes being like the absolute max. Don't want to lose our attention. Anyway just throwing that out there no matter what videos you do or how you do them I'll watch and surely enjoy them. Keep up the fine work my friend. #HTH

  5. Hey Scott, do you have any advice on building your pecks towards the center of your chest and getting rid of that fat on the sides up to the shoulder? I'm a taller kid and 
    I've tried a lot hands closer on bench, also for push ups and wider push ups but i cant build the middle of my chest

  6. Mr. Herman that's the 2nd video I've seen by you and I must say I like your channel.  A lot of fitness channels I have come across are cookie-cutter fitness channels with people doing workouts and throwing in some motivational talks.  Despite all that I know, I'm still actually learning some things from your channel.  That was a great explanation of the deficit deadlift you gave in the beginning regarding checking wingspan and I never heard that before.

    I also like that you emphasized keeping a neutral spine, as I have seen people do this exercise with a flexed back.  It makes me cringe when I see that cause with the heavy weight being pulled, it isn't hard to imagine them rupturing a disc and then have to deal with pain, tingling, numbness, burning and weakness down one leg for 6 months or more.

  7. Sorry to ask the same sort of question I did on one of your past videos but I thought it would benefit others as well. To get down to it, would compound lifts like squats and deadlifts qualify for a change up just like other routines. Should they be adapted to keep the body in a constant state of growth? If so, how would you recommend going about this? Appreciate your time and work, you've been a tremendous help.

  8. whats holding me back from doing this, is flexibility in the hip joint and my back rounding up when going that low (and i dont think its because im not strong enough to hold my back straight, i think it may be how my body is put together). Bear in mind i am 6.4. Any suggestions for what i could do to work on that?