How To: Karate Man



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36 Comentarios

  1. This is a great excercise to calm the body down after a leg/core routine. Static excercises do give training for the muscles, this one just as much as "The plank" do for your abs. It's also good very for breathing and balance.
    One should always combine static workout with repetition-based workout.

  2. @joicospiker: But today many people, especially boys and young men are so focused on muscle grows that in their mind is little space for other aspects of health and sports. Okay, I know that from some of my students.
    But becoming so single minded, that you need to call people who also think (on the basis of a scientific education) about other stuff names is a bit extreme, don't you think?

  3. @joicospiker: I'm just trying to say in generel that there is more to the human body and to sports than letting muscles grow. Every exercise improves exactly what you do in the exercise. Here: tension in your spinal erectors and other parts of the back. And that is an important factor for a string core and healthy back free from pain. Yet again it is by far not the only exercise and factor.

  4. @joicospiker: To answer your question, for what else reasons people go to the gym: just for doing it? For fun? To make progress with coordination, stability, health, prevention? To train movements and move weight, like squating, deadliffing? To aid progress in other sports?

    I think, the average student will not make 30, 40 reps with full tension, as demonstrated here or will get sore spinal erectors the nex day. BTW: How many reps (full tension) do you manage without getting a sore back?

  5. @joicospiker: What's your problem? You have an opinion about this exercise, I have another one. Both can be, or not? Actually I have not thought about your intellekt or your steroid consume bevor, but your aggressiveness makes me think now… 😉 Just kidding.

    But I DO asume, that I have some knowledge about sport. I'm a female PE teacher. So I know something about sports and about the average young people out there (in my country).

  6. @joicospiker : Geez, there are lot more intentions and effects of exercising than growing visible muscles. There's more to well being and healthy functioning of the the human body, than big bulky muscles.

    BTW: There a lot of people out there, for whom doing this exercise daily would be a huge progress.

  7. @misterrSARCASTIC ever heard of a pull up, chin up or push up? all good for upper body and other than pull ups they're pretty damn easy. just do 3 sets of 10 reps for the push ups and 3 sets of as many chin up and pull up reps you can do. do them poperly, dont cut corners and dont do more than you can handle. thats a pretty damn sexy routine right there