How To: Pull Up | three GOLDEN RULES! (MADE BETTER!)


Simply whenever you thought you mastered the pull-up…. I discovered a technique to make it extra intense! Which train would you prefer to see subsequent?







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39 Comentarios

  1. I'd say my biggest issue with this exercise is having to do it while my body is swinging forward and back. It doesn't swing much but I can totally feel it while doing the up and down movement.

    Another issue that I'm noticing right now is that the bar that's in the gym I go to also have a perpendicular grip attached to it. This means I can't go as high as reaching my chest on the bar while performing this pull up, because my shoulders reach this grip a lot sooner than that.

  2. OK, im doing my sets like this, for example deadlifts. i start with 70kg x5 reps and then add weight after each set. so next set of 5 is 75kg, next is 80,85, and at 90 i go to fail (5, 6 or 7 reps). next workout i start with 72.5kg and do the same thing. seems to have worked good so far since ive gotten alot stronger but is there anything wrong with this way of doing it?

  3. On a different subject. I'm going to hit all my muscle group twice a week. One day is Hypertrophy and the other day is Strenght gain. Any suggestion or link i can see on What type of exercise I need to do on certain days to maximize the result. I think i got Chest workout down already, but i got confused on what work out for backs, shoudler, and legs for Hypertrphy and strength.

  4. Hey Scott,

    I've been working out for almost a year, built some muscle and progressed with the weights of my exercises.

    Well, except pullups.

    I can't even do 1 proper pullup (going from the "dead-man hanging" position to the top) and I don't know what I've been doing all this year.

    Any tips how to get it? I can do 3-4 Pullups with a band, but that's basically it.