My Ideas On Natty Verified | "LifeTime Pure" LIARS!


Will this trigger extra confusion or lastly clear up the issue? Why will we REALLY care about #NattyVerified to start with? Personally, I might care much less about who’s on gear and who is not. However I DO CARE about those that lie about being a lifetime pure as a result of it causes extra confusion and results in issues like physique dysmorphia in younger children who prepare so exhausting, however by no means appear like the folks they’re shopping for exercise packages from. Bear in mind when YouTube Health was all about serving to folks attain their objectives? I do, and I need all these faux natty douchebags to cease mendacity or LEAVE.

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  1. Will this cause more confusion or finally solve the problem? Why do we REALLY care about #NattyVerified to begin with? Personally, I could care less about who's on gear and who isn't. But I DO CARE about those who lie about being a lifetime natural because it causes more confusion and leads to things like body dysmorphia in young kids who train so hard, but never look like the people they are buying workout programs from. Remember when YouTube Fitness was all about helping people reach their goals? I do, and I want all these fake natty douchebags to stop lying or LEAVE. DOWNLOAD MY APP! – iPhone & Android!

  2. I definitely think Simeon is natural it’s just a huge gap in between who works harder it takes years of training to obtain that kind of physique it’s very attainable regardless of what the haters perception is sad to see people with a less than work ethic always criticize others for achieving what they can’t!!!

  3. So, given the difference after shrinkage post 1 cycle and growth 100% natural. It may not be worth the one cycle depending on the health risk if that’s all your going to get. I believe if your going to do it, make sure you are willing to receive whatever may come in exchange for the rewards you seek. Or, maybe leave it alone and happy with natural gains and health as intact as it naturally can be!