New VLOG with Your Studio Tone It Up Coach Chyna ~ How I Present My Physique Love


Try for a brand new vlog together with your Studio Tone It Up coach Chyna! Chyna is beautiful in and out and has a lot data and like to share with this neighborhood.

She’ll be beginning a daily column with us on and for her first vlog she’s chatting all about how you can present your physique love ~ from exercises to journaling to skincare.

Be a part of us at to your new Love Your Physique Sequence! We’ll have model new exercises each week, plus tons of vitamin recommendation, aware meditations, and motivation to like your physique, thoughts, and soul!

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20 Comentarios

  1. Hi Chyna! Thank you so much for this, such great advice! I felt your passion and completely agree with you 100%! This time last year was a game changer for me – I decided to make some healthy lifestyle changes spiritually/physically/mentally. TIU was a big game changer for me as well! Its not only the workouts and meal plans (science behind the foods we eat which is the BOMB to know about.. :)) but the community and love that you all show is amazing. You all want to be real with us, be yourselves, and get down to the heart of things. Its really been great accountability for me and my hubby and friends 🙂 So thank you for being a shining light. I would love to know how your morning routines go. I find myself unable to stick to my calendar or having a great sense of time management… so I'm really working hard on that. In the mornings I do have some sort of routine — I do daily devotionals in God's word, prepare my breakfast, get my body moving, and try to even do more meditations or a workout before my work day begins… I just cant seem to find that right balance and schedule for me. I'd love to hear more tips from you! <3

  2. Hey Chyna, I need help in finding the most effective arm and leg w/o when you're in a time crunch. Sometimes I don't have the time to really get those muscles working unless I have 30-45 min. and I also love some cardio. I feel like what I've been doing, my body is starting to get adjusted to so some different ideas would be helpful! Thanks! 💕

  3. Hi Chyna! Absolutely loved this video!! I've been struggling with body image after having my baby, there are differences in things that I'm not use to seeing change in. It kind of feels like a whole new body to me. How do you accept and love changes in your body that aren't exactly ideal??

  4. I have struggled with an Injury for the last two and a half years. On and off dieting. On and off exercising. But the ONE constant I ALWAYS had was Tone it up! I am learning slowly but surely to love my body and LISTEN when it tells me to slow down or to pick it up and hit the Gym harder! And that is how I love myself by listening to what my body is telling me 😍😘 love you girls!!