RABBIT POSE – Sasangasana – 15 Minute Yoga Observe


Be taught the foundations of Rabbit Pose or Sasangasana with this 15 min workshop follow. Lengthen the backbone, stretch your again and enhance immunity with this bunny posture.

I really like this pose as a result of it jogs my memory how highly effective it’s to learn to be calm, attentive and conscious of our breath after we are in tight or uncomfortable conditions. This video guides you thru the fundamentals and thru modifications inviting you to take heed to your physique, breathe, deepen your follow and Discover What Feels Good.

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  1. Hi, I wanted to learn rabbit pose and enjoyed the video but it also feels a lot like child's pose – is this correct? Taking the weight out of the head and just gently resting the head on the earth means most of my weight is curled up through torso and legs. Just checking as I'd like to aim correctly.

  2. I love all your videos and it makes me wanna fall in love with Yoga. Your videos and all your yoga tutorials inspire us who don't have lots of strength to do workout or heavy exercises. Especially me when I do jogging for about 30 minutes it feels like I'm about to collapse and fall in the middle of the park. This exercise is what I need. Thanks so much!

  3. something is not working for me here… could it be that i have too long arms?
    however i do it i feel the stretch in the upper back body… so check for that… but my head hurts.. i can't find a position/variation where there is not a lot of weight on my head. – same with the one …ahh whats it called… like childs pose but hips in the air… all my weight on my head-> neck…
    what is the trick here?

  4. I started yoga a few months ago, desperate to find something to soothe my constant aching spine. I live with scoliosis and I've never taken care of my back and worked to keep it strong. Other exercise (crunches, push ups, etc) are too intense for me and always made it worse, especially my neck. I started with a couple of other channels before I found yours and I've been doing daily yoga for months now, with little to no back pain!! If I start hurting, I follow your instruction in your yoga for your back videos and it almost always helps. It's helped with my depression, I've lost weight, my posture is improving (it was bad) and my back feels better than it has since I was a kid. Thank you Adrienne and I hope you continue to make videos for a long time to come! 🙂 🙏

  5. I have been learning yoga for about a year now with YouTube channels, I began in a gym but found it better to do yoga in my home. For someone who is learning to breath properly and to correct body postures to achieve other things, I have learned so much from you by only doing two classes. Thank you so much!!