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Get able to remix your cut up with Mike Vazquez’s Ripped Remix 4-Week Coaching Program! His full-body exercises will enable you to keep lean all 12 months.
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You need all of it: a shredded, muscular physique; power that may be expressed via explosive energy; and a racecar engine beneath the hood. To get there, coaching the identical outdated method received’t suffice. Ripped Remix is an intense 4-week coaching plan designed that will help you grasp your physique, shake up your exercises, torch fats, and construct new ranges of power.


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We’re Your transformation is our ardour. We’re your private coach, your nutritionist, your complement knowledgeable, your lifting associate, your assist group. We offer the expertise, instruments and merchandise you’ll want to burn fats, construct muscle and turn out to be your greatest self.

33 Comentarios

  1. I kinda just began with hybrid workout after a couple of years of bodybuilding. I'm going to join special forces and haven't found the perfect workout plans for hybrid workouts yet, and I almost screamed when I saw this video, and I know that won't fail me, I'm so excited and I got one question, how much can you give? 😏

  2. So how is it compared to other programs like the 8-week or 12-week workout programs? Better? Not as good? I'm only wondering which plan will be good for me to burn fat and get great abs too. I'd like to use this plan, but I don't know if I'll see results after 4 weeks. Can you give me any advice