SHF Replace: Chipotle Issues! SSJ Three Costume! Excessive Protein Dessert! Exercise VLog! Preppin Hen!



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(0:19)- Home Cleansing & Tremendous Saiyan Three Costume!
(1:30)- Chipotle Issues!
(3:26)- Captain America 2
(4:35)- Saturday Train Explosion!
(6:34)- Tuesday Tune-Up!
(8:04)- Preppin’ This Week’s Hen!

(9:36)- Exercise Weblog!

(10:20)- The Significance of Fruits and Veggies!

(11:13)- My first journey to Disney World!

(11:56)- Fan Artwork Winner!
(12:21)- BSN Contest Winner!


40 Comentarios

  1. Hey Scott!!! It's always fun watching your videos! Btw I love chipotle and there is one which is really close to my place, and let me just tell you that I have the same problem asking for chicken! It gets annoying that I feel like screaming at the guy: I want more chicken I will pay for it just put more there!! Jeeez!!!

  2. Hey Scott, i've been feeling a lot of presure on my wrists since i've been using heavier weights so i'm thinking of buying an EZ bar but i heard that when doing a EZ barbell curls you don't have full contraction in your biceps is this true?
    thanks in advance and for all the good info!

  3. I see u as YouTube's Captain America- I have most YouTube fitness like channels names like NWB is Superboy- Elliott is Wolverine his buddy is Sabertooth- Boston loyd is the Hulk yes think about it he's not the biggest but he did turn himself into hulk like- got more for POG, lee Hayward, TMW, Buff Dudes, Barthel, Matty Fusaro, Sixpackshortcuts just to say a few list goes on & on- My son & I both like Marvel & DC- can't say who's Superman cause lots of people would get mad haha

  4. Same exact thing goes on where I live when it comes to fast food. All these kids my age act like its a damn problem that you came to get food. Makes me mad they got the job over me.. On a side note Scott that shirt is amazing. Also quick question for you or any DBZ fan. What season do I need to start on? I use to watch random episodes all the time but now I want to watch all of them in order. I got the whole season that starts with Vegeta coming down for the first time after I guess piccolo tried taking over or whatever lol which I had no idea ever happened. Anyway yeah Scott you're a beast!