The Finest Detox Yoga Exercise ~ Tone It Up!


Be part of us on your FREE 5 Day Detox at!! As a part of the Detox, I’m sharing this new rejuvenating yoga move! It consists of numerous twisting and turning to launch any type of toxins and negativity which may be residing in your physique. Be part of me to set a constructive intention for this observe after which refresh your physique and thoughts!

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46 Comentarios

  1. I was like who is this blonde teaching yoga on your channel! Lol I have not watched since way back and I happened to buy your book today so it made me come on here. I needed to see this yoga flow because I am so down about the so calked yoga at a gm I just joined. The yoga is weird not flowing and pop music is playing. It is not Zen at all. I thank you for this Yoga and I will be dong it at home! You look great with blonde hair!

    Now I finally have jy own youtube channel so I can comment❤️. Youtube channel is The House Of Gray

  2. Thank You girls! It was much needed, I truly love this flow, I love when You speak during Yoga , it is co calming. I feel as I am a part of a best community ever. I am on day 4 of my detox and I feel better than ever! I enjoy evry sigle minute of this Detox. Workouts are incredible , food is nutrisious and I feel full ( not hungry at all ! ) and light and the same time ! You bring me so much peace in my world, because when everything is getting down, I came back to TIU and there are my trainers who have alway there for me with the best advice and loving heart. I need this Detox more than ever because this is not only a eating habit , this is a mind detox too ! Than You dear K&K and TIU team <3 Love from Maria