Right here is the brand new rule of thumb to make features.

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49 Comentarios

  1. I Just recently (yesterday) called on Naudi Aguilar (functional patterns) on ig on being to caught on himself and thinking he re invented the wheel (he kinda even tells it with pride) he claims that he Will re write the books and bla bla, i commwnted on that. Inmediattyl got blocked… Its sad really

  2. YES!!!! more of this please!!! You, Swolenormous, and Shredded Sport Science are like the only fitness guys with the balls to call out all the instagram/youtube fitness BS. It's getting completely out of hand. I'm a personal trainer and it really grinds my gears when "influencers" give people bad advice that could result in injuries. You rock Scott!

  3. Holy crapola! I used to do benching with my elbows/shoulders flared out like that. I killed my shoulders doing it that way. I did push-ups that way too which is how I hurt my shoulder and was out for almost 3 weeks. (Any videos on how to do push-ups? I'll have to search after.)
    In a way it was good. I felt great on a Thursday but couldn't do a normal workout in the middle of the week so I decided just to do a light kettlebell workout (full body). I expected to be sore but I was so sore I couldn't move for 3 days. I figured I do a KB workout on Thursday & Saturday then start up on my normal routine on Monday. NOPE. I was too sore and everything was hurting. I spent the weekend designing KB workouts. Full body. I added a Push-up workout to it then added dips, pull-ups, and an arm routine. I want to add some bodyweight flyes.
    Great video Scott. Any videos using bodyweight resistance trainers? If not, I would love to see one from you. DO IT NOW! J/K! lol