Tone Up Your Thighs, Thigh & Leg Exercise from


Tone Up Thighs and Leg Exercise video from

Katrina Hodgson and Karena Daybreak from Tone It Up offer you their leg exercise!

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Tone Up your thighs with this leg exercise three occasions per week. has wholesome recipes, exercises, health movies, yoga strikes and cooking movies.

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  1. @pogocoffee we lift pretty heavy!! as long as you can do 15-20 reps then you shouldn't bulk up– also think about it this way- we do push-ups with our body weight, so basically we are 'bench pressing' 130-140 pounds. When we squat our body weight- it's the weight of our torso too. we love chin-ups and doing body weight exercises. recently we made a workout video for memorial day, you should try it out!! xoo