TRAPS: The ONLY TWO Workout routines You Want For Development! GOODBYE PENCIL NECK!


Right now we’re going to proceed the ONLY TWO workout routines you want for muscle development collection and speak about TRAPS! Now, I’ll be the primary to confess that my traps have by no means been my sturdy swimsuit. However even with out being genetically blessed, I’ve been capable of see plenty of enchancment over the previous couple of years as a result of I began to filter out all of the BS and undertake methods that really work.

As a way to develop your traps they want HEAVY WEIGHT and VOLUME, however performing solely shrugs isn’t going to chop it. Traps are usually not like different muscle teams. They want PUNISHMENT and may deal with plenty of it!

The issue with shrugs and related workout routines is that they’re not difficult sufficient. Sure you would possibly be capable of shrug 225lbs for reps, however that’s about half of what your traps can truly deal with and when you’re experiencing little to no development, then I wager this idea is beginning to sink in. However don’t get pissed off, simply prepare for 2 workout routines that when achieved correctly WILL lead to traps development!

Train #1: Above The Knee Rack Pulls (5 Units: 5 Reps)
For this train it’s essential that you simply set the barbell to the correct top. This can be a STRETCH train, so the preliminary pull needs to be as brief as doable so you possibly can put all of your power into lifting as heavy as you possibly can. Additionally make sure you pause and actually FEEL the stretch on every rep. Don’t simply elevate after which slam the weights down. Relaxation 60 – 90 seconds between these units.

Now, there was A LOT of debate on YouTube as as to if rack pulls truly WORK. Sure know-it-all health specialists have even made SCIENTIFIC movies on why SCIENCE says they’re not that efficient for traps development. However the humorous factor is that each one the individuals who speak about rack pulls being VERY BENEFICIAL for development have MUCH BIGGER traps than the folks saying they don’t work. HMMMMMM, I’m wondering why??? It’s sort of like when your out of practice mates inform you that you simply go to the gymnasium an excessive amount of and also you’re going to over-train. It’s like dude, get out of my face.

Rack pulls are an exceptional train that CAN and WILL result in severe traps development, particularly as you turn into stronger and stronger over time and the primary motive why they’re so efficient is as a result of they’re forcing your traps to deal with A HUGE LOAD. In the event that they didn’t activate on this train your shoulders would rip proper out of their sockets. One thing must be holding them in place proper? Additionally remember we get probably the most muscle injury in the course of the STRETCH portion of the destructive and that’s principally what all the train is.

“However Scott, don’t shrugs provide the similar stretch?” a few of you may be asking? Properly, when you can shrug 225lbs for eight reps, however can rack pull 500lbs for six. Which do you suppose goes to trigger probably the most injury for development? However be warned, when you’ve by no means achieved this earlier than you must begin mild and work your method up. The truth is, from the primary time you do that train to concerning the 4th or fifth time you’ll discover a HUGE soar in how a lot weight you possibly can deal with. So be very cautious and protected!

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49 Comentarios

  1. For those of you quoting Jeff about upright rows. You should REALLY pay attention to what he says and teaches in terms of proper form. A dumbbell upright row is the same movement pattern as a wide grip on the bahhbell. A SUPER CLOSE GRIP is where the injuries happen. So please stop spreading misinformation about Jeff’s content.

    Edit: Jeff seems to think a wide grip on the bar doesnt matter. That might be the case if you have flexibility issues. Personally, i have never had an issue with proper range of motion using a wide grip on the barbell. Jeff and I seem to agree on most thing. But not this. Try both and see what works best for you. Not a big deal. 👍

  2. Loved the video I added the shoulder breakers into my routine a few months ago and it's great for warming up my shoulders. Its pull day for me today I'm gonna try the rack pulls instead of my typical shrugs. As for the upright row I use dumbells and find its easier on my shoulder.

  3. heavy barbell shrugs are still a great exercise and theyve also helped my grip strength immensely as well as my trap development. i only usually do heavy barbell shrugs, dumbbell high pulls, and kneeling dumbbell shrugs as my trap exercises but im definitely going to give that high rack pull a go! great video my friend! i love jeff cavaliere too but i dont always agree with his negative views on certain exercises, i love chest flys, leg extensions (as an end of leg workout accessory), and bent over one arm rows which are all exercises jeff has put on his "bad" list, lol…

  4. There is no range of motion of the trapezius in a rack pull. Just do powershrugs instead, by pushing up the weight with your whole body and controlling it down with the traps, you get way better results. Don't fall for stupid hype nonsense. Also, if you just do deadlifts and have a balanced training program your traps will grow just fine. Just make sure your training consists mostly of big exercises like, bench, pullups, squats, deadlifts, ohp, bb rows, dips and even pushups and do the fluff work as an accessory if needed. And since the back is way bigger then the chest, it needs more work as well, that will help the traps as well.

  5. Hey Scott, I really respect you and wanted to know your opinion on my program that I created for building size and strength as a small guy.

    Here it is…

    Warmup- % of working set weight
    50% for 10, 70% for 6, 90% for 2

    Bench 3x 5-7
    OHP 3x 5-7
    Skull crusher 3x 7–10
    Side raise 3x 10-15

    Sumo deadlift 3x 5-7
    Barbell row 3x 7-10
    Barbell Curl 3x 7-10
    Face pull 3x 10-15

    Squat 3x 5-7
    RDL 3x 7-10
    Shrugs 3x 7-10
    Calf raise 3x 10-15

  6. Bent my ten year old bar doing 280kg rackpulls , now it twists doing deadlifts 😭😭😭think our relationship has ended , by the way I tried upright row on EZ bar for first time tonight after seeing your video – it’s awesome and works traps far differently – love it – by the way I have shoulder impingement this 3yrs and it comes back with most heavy presses – not at all with this , excellent exercise and no shoulder twinge 😍

  7. the thing with upright rows isnt that they will damage you heavily on the spot (like a failed deadlift) but in the longterm it is messing with your wrist. You can do it for years but will develop issues over time because of that (like benching wrong and getting an impingement. you dont get it on spot but over time)