Tricep Exercise (BUILD MUSCLE) – Scott Herman




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Herbie is BACK IN ACTION and so am I! Was in a position to get myself again on the 505lbs board for my deadlifts publish damage and celebrated with a KILLER TRICEP WORKOUT! three units per train 10 reps per train with 1 burn of 10 reps (6:04)- Shut-Grip Bench Press (three BURN SETS: 10 reps) (9:26)- Powerbombs (three BURN SETS: 10 reps) (11:43)- Dips (three BURN SETS: 10 reps) Take a look at extra of my private exercises right here!


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  1. For me the mental fatigue hits hard. When I'm doing a triceps workout for instance, I get to where I'm doing dips and I just can not do even one more rep. Like, I physically can't. And THAT is exactly the barrier that I want to break through. I want to have the will power to do that next rep, even when my body is screaming NO DON'T DO IT, YOU'RE DONE! That is where the true mind muscle connection lies.

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  4. As always, great video! Super stoked to see our good friend back in his rightful place, with the mailbox. On a serious note, I really appreciate what you're doing there. Never back down to bullying, especially over such trivial things as this.. why do they care so much about something so insignificant??

    Quick thoughts though — it's only partially true that the weight doesn't matter, isn't it? and "you only rest to be able to do more weight with your next set" isn't quite true either.. in short, rather than "Only Z matters, X and Y don't matter at all," don't ALL of the factors matter?

    Trying to stay brief, isn't this more accurate?:

    Your muscles fatigue (and get weaker during a set) partly because of muscle fiber breakdown (the primary goal) but also partly because of natural limitations on the rate of chemical reactions/biological processes. i.e. your muscles need nutrients in order to contract and exert force, and your body can only supply so many nutrients, so quickly, for so long. During a set, these processes lag behind, "waste" builds up, fuel gets used up, and you need to rest to clear out the waste and flow in some more fuel for the next set. So even if you had broken down no muscle fibers at all with extremely light weight, you would still eventually reach a point where you could no longer perform the motion.

    Related, weight DOES matter because lower weights will never break down certain muscle fibers, while momentary overloading (increasing weight, even momentarily beyond that which the muscle is even capable of statically holding) will tear apart those stronger fibers. Lower weights and higher reps get some fibers, higher weights get others [e.g. same idea behind cheat reps – start at the "peak" of motion, which you cannot even hold the current weight at, and fight the return the entire way].

    At least that was my understanding and didn't want others who perhaps are newer to training to be misled, which can happen quite easily before you learn a lot more. Happy to hear explanations or corrections from anyone, and nonetheless I fully recognize your underlying point Scott. You're definitely right, weight isn't everything. The goal is to break down muscle fibers, so as long as that's being accomplished, then you're doing it right!

    Thanks man and keep KILLIN' IT!

  5. +Scotthermanfitness – dude good point about not bending the wrists. I have been lifting for almost 10 years and this was something that always escaped me until a few years ago when I started focusing on my close grip bench presses as its more noticeable there when you start to up the weight. It would be beneficial for a lot of your followers if you made a small video just on wrist position while benching and how to utilize the diagonal or the bulldog grip so your wrists don't bend backwards.