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True: 30 Day Yoga Journey continues! Your day 10 yoga observe is a conscious cleaning observe. Out with the outdated and in with the TRUE!

Drop your expectations and breathe.

Nobody expects you to grasp or jive with each observe. This journey is about spending time with your self. Right now we deal with constructing warmth from the within out. Burning away that which now not serves to be able to create highly effective transformation.

This sequence will not be a problem, it’s a journey. However at the moment’s observe is likely to be difficult!

You’ve got every little thing you want. Proceed to journey the wave. Belief, observe and luxuriate in!

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  1. Today’s detox practice is a work out. Consider, “What are the things we have to work through?”

    Sometimes it’s hard to identify them, so we hop on the mat, we move our body and then it’s revealed.

    All those who choosing to work for themselves instead of against, say I!


    PS: Tomorrow is a short 17 minutes of softening – so go get em tiger!

  2. Lemme just explain how awesome You are. The last 5 videos I have done with you I have felt guilty bc I get SO much from you and I haven't given you any compensation. After I post this I am going to look for a way to pay you. THAT'S some power, Lady! This was a beautiful practice. Thanks so much for whatever it took for you to share your gift with us. We need it! Thank You!

  3. This was hard and I felt angry and discouraged. Now I'm sad. It's the first time I didn't really feel good or motivated. I was really frustrated because I am not flexible enough to really do downward facing dog or forward fold and they ALWAYS CAME BACK ughhhhhhhh. Hope tomorrow will be better for me.

  4. I guess this is where I forgive myself. Which is funny, because it's been about 2 weeks since day 9 for me, but still, I've come to realize that even when, of course, it's most beneficial to go through those practices day by day, there's actually no "failing" at this. I was trying out a few of those day-by-day yoga practices and always getting angry with myself for "dropping out" for whatever reason – be it travelling, tiredness, laziness or being too hungover (hey – it happens) and starting again and getting even more irritated. But I guess this is where I drop this self-hating habit just because I don't need it. Even more, I don't deserve it. I start to believe that every time I show up for myself – it's good. Whether it's been a day or 10 since the last time, it's always good. And I start dropping my weight-related obsession, too. Not compeletely, I'm not going to fool myself, but I tell you what. I've spent my last week in the mountains, in the cold rainy forest, living in a tent. There were no mirrors obviously, and I had one outfit for the whole week to keep me warm, almost no contact with the civilization besides people coming and going along the trail and very little hygiene to be true. And somewhere along, I just stopped obsessively thinking about how I look. It just seemed so irrelevant in those woods and I felt free from my hateful thoughts. So I decided to cultivate, to practice this freedom. And I also believe that yoga is a practice of freedom. Training and stretching your body while merging your body with the mind creates calmness and there's no better way to freedom then by calmness, or so I decided to believe for now. And if it's hard sometimes, it's not punishment by any means. It's a way. It's all good.
    (tl;dr – be free from self-hatred and also, yoga is great)

  5. Thank you so much Adriene. This series is helping me to slow down and take time for loving myself. When you said that you were proud of us for taking the time to love ourselves and that we should be proud, I finally felt it myself and my tears told me so. I am proud of myself for making time for me. You helped me do that. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

  6. Oh I loved today! My cat was walking around me and exploring what I was doing. It made me feel so calm and present, and I think she felt that too, because she fell asleep while I was practising. I love how strong I felt today! How proud I am of myself for treating my mind and body for ten days. Can't wait to continue my journey!