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TRUE – DAY 11, Yoga Heaven! The day we formally cease pushing and forcing and study to melt.

This fast 17 min observe is each mild and invigorating. Reap the benefits of comfortable simple motion to discover and unlock elements of the physique that want tending to. Let go of rigidity and get empowered to maneuver in a means that feels supportive to your distinctive physique and depth of breath.

Let me know the way it goes down beneath! Get pleasure from!

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  1. On this TRUE 30 Day Journey, we have the opportunity to look at the current state of body and breath and create a practice that serves – not emulates.

    Happy exploring today! (It will breeze by like 5 min!)

    You are doing great!!! You should feel so proud! THIS IS NO SMALL FEAT!

    SUMMARY: You have an opportunity to really begin to create an experience that feels good for your body each time you step on the mat.

    I’ll be there to guide you.


  2. Day eleven! Currently, it is Sunday, 11:24 PM so it's basically Monday, kinda sucks for everyone, doesn't it? I'm really proud of myself that I've found the strength and willpower to do practices each and every day, but whew, I made it, so you can do too!

    Today it did breeze by like 5 minutes, it was really relaxing and fun and yes, I'm really at that point where I explore the poses, do something different with my hands or legs so I get the stretch my body wants. It feels great, I'm happier when I finish the practice, thank you Adriene <3

  3. Greetings Adriene 😊Going on day 11 after my Goddess mediation!!Today's mantra is Aham Prema ~ Iam divine love💖Having a rough morning and Can't wait to be on my mat with you 😊Appreciate you 🙏Sending loving positive thoughts and energy your way!! Gracious teacher and friend 💖Namaste Doe ~

  4. I was having a bit pain around my abs (good thing) since I either do yoga in my course, or yoga with Adriene here, but the Soften practice today was very nice for me 😊
    Even though it can be intense at times, I prefer Adriene's teaching methods by far since I can learn how to do things through imagination, and I find that I'm learning that embracing what can be painful is better than resisting it altogether. I also love her general vibe💖,

  5. I was thinking leg baby too as soon as I picked up the right leg. Okay did it 🙂 thanks so much! I think gentle pushing is a really awesome skill to have. I like that because it always seems so nice and gentle but you make me get healthier. I'm a teacher, working my credential, subbing and teaching math summer school …so yep this will be pretty invaluable to me.

  6. I have done the 30 day challenge then moved on to the True challenge. Love it completely. I have a question though and feel quite lost at the moment. I had a full posterior hip replacement 5 years ago, at an early age due to hip dysplasia. I have been doing yoga every day for 2 months and got to this, Day 11 of true and about 1/2 way through in a deep lunge with my back knee on the ground, I dislocated the artificial hip and after a few loud terrible words, it popped right back in. I have been xrayed and all is good, nothing wrong or out of place. Here is my lost part..I am afraid to do yoga now. I don't even know where to start to go back or how to get past the hurdle in my mind. Do you have any suggestions of sequences to do or how to get my head back? Many thanks, I adore you Adriene and all you have brought to my life in yoga.

  7. How many people were curious about how many people were doing this practice today? Namaste
    Thank you, once again, as always, Adriene and team, for this beautiful gift of yoga! I'm approaching six months of daily practice, and I'm so grateful to you for inviting me to join you in yours. Namaste
    Isn't it wonderful? And, isn't it amazing how it's always the perfect practice, regardless of the day of the month, or the month of the year, on which you follow it? ❤️

  8. Amazeballs practice, Adrienne! In the midst of starting up your 30 day TRUE series, I'm just not feeling up to doing practices like Salud (where I am chronologically), so I skipped ahead to this video, and I think I'll be doing it for a few days in a row until I'm back up and running. Super-duper fantastic practice 🙂 Namaste.