VLOG – Gratitude & Cali Recap!


Hello pals! I simply bought again from a two week journey in and round Los Angeles. From Disneyland to Topanga Canyon! Each tie for happiest place on Earth. This video weblog is a recap of our YWA LA Meet Up and a few issues that begin with F that I encountered on my journey. Additionally a second of recognition and like to Robin Williams and expensive BKS Iyengar.


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  1. hay i am sorry i dont meen to spam but i am a man and i am looking to do yoga at home i am in pretty good shape but what i sow what some of the yogis can do i was amazed. i have never done yoga so i gess ill start from the beginning i want to become advance one day). so i was wondering if any of u know what should i do and what to practice what rutin. i am also looking for the slightly spiritual side of yoga cus i believe in taking car of mind body soul. kinda like what you see advance yogis in india.i want to be able to do the handstans and stuff it rly is amazing.
    so pleas if anyone can help, tell me where i can find souch a rutin i would be grateful.

  2. First of all, you are hilarious Adriene! I was looking for some core workout/fat-burning practice this morning and stumbled upon the videos. It is refreshing to have such a bright personality getting us through the grind! Sorry I missed your recent visit, I am near Laguna Beach, so I hope to catch your next swing out to the Golden State! Namaste :^)

  3. Hello Adrianne! I am a yoga beginner, your videos are awesome. I find some positions like downward facing dog challenging. I feel a pressure and all the blood rush up to my head. It's uncomfortable and I wonder if it is normal for beginners and if I should slowly work trough it. Maybe it gets easier with time? Thank you for inspiring me, namaste from Sweden:)

  4. After trying yoga many times in the past and never taking to it. I am now completely hooked.  You really have such a wonderful way of explaining the practice. I would love to see a routine that helped create inner calm. I am a student in a big city and would love something that could help me bring down the pace and restore inner balance and calmness even in a  frenetic and fast passed city environment. I am also greatly drawn to the posses that 'open the chest' if you will. From practicing having an open heart in these poses it has remind me the importance of living life with an open heart, whether that is with your friends and love ones or strangers you encounter on a day to day basis. it would be great to see a routine that focused round that theme maybe! Something you could do in the morning perhaps thats sets you up for living with an open and happy heart, no matter what the day might hold! From England i want to send a massive thank you over the ocean! Your videos are wonderful and are helping me develop emotional and physical strength and that really is a invaluable gift