Whole-Physique Summer season Toned! Your Summer season Sizzle Routine from Tone It Up


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Comply with together with Karena as she takes you thru the proper routine to tone your whole physique, which is ideal now that the Bikini Collection has come to a different profitable shut!

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Your trainers,
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31 Comentarios

  1. just did this routine 🙂 looooving it ! on the last workout— im just wondering about the position on the knees or should i say were is the stability point its just that i injured my knees whilst working out ! so i cant do back lunges ! and i dont want to put too much pressure on my knees- HELP !

  2. @michelle rooks to a degree they will help you lose weight but not much. In order to lose weight you need to maintain a healthy diet and engage in regular cardio work, getting your heart pumping while reducing your calories (and eating good, healthy calories) you will lose weight. These workouts are good so you tone while losing weight 🙂

  3. I can't afford there Nutrition Plan, But I'm trying to loose about 20 pounds, I've already lost 40pounds but now that i'm getting closer and closer to my goal I can't seem to even drop a pound. I stay under about 1,500 Cal, Drink water, And workout hard daily (Have a binder full of toneitup workouts) But nothing seems to help, Any tips? Thanks! P.S I know I shouldn't pay attention to the number on the scale but i'm also not seeing any change in my body.

  4. Yes!! Check out the Tone It Up Nutrition Plan!! Whether you need to tone up your last 10 lbs, or work to change your life, the plan is built to teach you how to enjoy a healthy active lifestyle, now with hundreds of new recipes for any type of diet!! check it out 🙂 toneitupplan/com xxo