Will Sit-Ups On a regular basis Give Me Six Pack Abs?


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Will Sit-Ups On a regular basis Give Me Six Pack Abs?


21 Comentarios

  1. Awesome video! I have been noticing lately the need to build up my core just to do all the rest of my exercises. I do have a question tho, would you recomend doing all those excersices in one day, an "abs day", or would it be better to scatter them through out the week. By the way, have you made the video about lower back? I'd be very interested, mostly to protect my back/spine. And one last thing, I absolutely LOOOOVE your accent!! Let it shine bb, LET IT SHINE!!!

  2. Question tied to the topic of overworking your abs… What if you are a runner? I run 3 – 7 miles a day, which I'm sure indirectly works my abdominal muscles. I don't want to neglect my abs, but I don't want to over-do it either. What would you recommend?