Yoga Camp – Day 23 – I Am Safe


Yoga Camp – Day 23. Yoga research at present in your mat. Discover, use the breath, follow with the affirmation and see what occurs at present. Make this time in your yoga mat at present. Take this time for your self. It’s important. Let’s hop to it.

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40 Comentarios

  1. Still loving this! I have no idea why, but halfway-lift always feels soooooo good. It doesn't even have a cool name hahaha but it is like my body thanks me in that instant every time. I'm so proud of myself for sticking with your yoga camp so far, and I'm so pleased to have you as a teacher. Woohoo!

  2. With all my heart, thank you Adriene for been here. I'm doing yoga with Adriene for 6 months now and so many things have changed in my body, my mind and my life. Now yoga is so important for my life that I'm trying to pass this to all my friends every day. One week ago I was in a festival and my friend was feeling pain in Lower back. We started doing yoga and some people that never made yoga joined us. I was so happy and so proud of me because I guided them. My friend was free of pain and all the people thanks me for that moment. So special and so intense.

  3. I've been putting this off out of laziness but I feel awesome after that, Downdog (which I normally hate because my hands slip dangerously and nothing seems to help) felt amazing today. I'm starting to actually press into my knuckles and feet and really connect with the ground instead of just pushing it away (if that make sense lol).