Yoga For Cramps and PMS


Since you demanded it…Yoga for Cramps and PMS. This can be a mild and restorative sequence to apply earlier than or throughout your cycle. Adriene shares supportive postures utilizing objects you should have round the home – akin to a blanket or towel and some pillows. (Or LOTS of pillows!) («These aren’t pillows!!!!»)

This sequence invitations you to sluggish it down and help the physique and its pure rhythm. It supplies reduction for PMS, cramps and decrease again aches. It calms the nervous system and chills the energetic physique leaving you feeling cool and clear. Follow to help the physique and it is knowledge – leaving frustration and fussiness behind.

Take the time for your self! You deserve it!

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  1. hey adriene! love your videos <3 just wanted to mention that you begin your video with hey ladies and not everyone that menstrates/has a uterus is a lady 🙂 maybe an edit would make a more inclusive video, help those w pms who feel uncomfortable in their body feel comfortable choosing yoga for help. just a thought. thank you for all the great resources you create

  2. I have struggled with ovarian cysts and painful periods due to the cysts popping. I couldn't help but cry after this video because it helped SO much. It just means so much that someone as well known as you would put together a video to help me. This felt so personal and beautiful. Sending vibes of gratitude and love.

  3. I substituted this video in place of day 15 of the 30 days of yoga. Standing up and walking is hard for me on day one of my lady time and this not only relieved the cramps but also uplifted my mood. I’m glad I was able to still get on the mat and make today count. Thank you Adriene! Much love 💗

  4. This quickly became my favourite video. ❤️ it’s so nice. I felt so cozy and good just being me. And as some people have been saying I really love the femininity stuff, but please also do one for the trans here. It’s always nice to be inclusive. ❤️✨ And there is no reason why there can’t be videos that are more appealing to some than others since everyone is different. Love from Sweden.

  5. This morning I wanted to scream from pain and frustration, I felt awful since I woke up, then finaly said fuck it and got the mat out. At the beginning of the video I was like "please Adriene move, I can't stand being in the same position for 5 sec" and 30 minutes later I'm here, still hurting a bit but mostly relieved for now, and calm and ready to take on the day <3 thank you!

  6. its thanksgiving and i woke up unexpectedly with blood dripping down my leg. -_-. so far my morning has been running to the bathroom with diarrhea and bouts of nausea . I've been in and out of bed. I remembered I used to love doing this video and now i know why. Adriene, from the second your voice comes on I feel at ease. thank you for all these years of love and care through the internet. I hope one day to meet you in person, if you ever come visit NYC. love you tons!