Yoga For Gratitude


Yoga For Gratitude is right here! A candy and calming gratitude apply for all! Take a while to connect with your breath and transfer your physique. Shifting meditation. Create house and provides thanks. Love your backbone and again physique, faucet into your core – work into the hips and hyperlink all of it along with your breath. This yoga apply is nice for the entire physique – bodily and emotional. Mild a candle, roll out the mat and hook up with gratitude. Belief. This 35 min apply could possibly be a recreation changer. ENJOY!

I am grateful for all of you and this group. Thanks. Thanks. One million instances, Thank You.

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  1. Thank YOU, Adriene, for helping me discover yoga and begin to restore my soul. My son died two years ago and I started doing your videos at a friend's recommendation. I now do one almost every day. They have been life-changing and probably life-saving. You go at just the right pace. Thank you! As a bonus, my years of back pain is almost completely gone, too.

  2. Of all for which I am feeling the most gratitude, my relationship with you, Adriene, by way of your great gift of yoga and your ever sweet and encouraging manner that has kept me coming back to the mat for nearly a year now, is by far the greatest blessing in my life. Thank you! And may this day of thanksgiving be all you might ever wish for. Namaste

  3. Happy Thanksgiving Adriene!! I have been practicing yoga with you since 2015 and I feel so grateful for your dedication to serving this community! I am physically and mentally stronger then when I started, and I feel practicing with you has helped me accomplish goals and dreams. I am incredibly grateful! So for 2019, I am going to join your membership site to access the intermediate videos you make, so that I can finally get strong enough to do an unassisted hand stand!

    Thank you for being you and having such a big heart for serving others 🙂 you are an inspiration and a treasure!


    Beth Wise

  4. Perfect sequence for Thanksgiving, especially with working retail. Been pretty negative lately so this helped to put things back into place. By the end of this I was smiling thinking of all the people and things I have and am grateful for! Hoping to do more yoga with my siblings and my boyfriend after Thanksgiving dinner! Thank you for this channel and sharing this beautiful practice with all of us. It's always better to be kind and grateful. Namaste and have a happy holiday Adriene and everyone reading! 💘

  5. Today we didn't have water in our home for a few hours and it reminded me to be grateful for fresh, pure water that is accessible at all times. I'm grateful for this practice as well, thank you for reminding all of us to take a step back and appreciate everything that we have in our lives!

  6. I'm surprised I hadn't seen this video until now! This pratice is easily one of my new favorites. Was a little tough on the shoulders but overall it was very restorative. Thank you for reminding me it's not always giant steps that need to be taken to achieve a goal. Balancing strength and tenderness is so good and can be used as a model for general attitude toward life and everyday challenges. I was able to smile and laugh by the end of this pratice, when this morning I felt like I didn't want to get out of bed. So thank you again 💕 namaste

  7. I'm working my way out of codependency. I started this practice thinking about how gratreful i am for the people in my life, because that's where my mind is used to going when thinking about gratitude. And that's all true too. But at some point from my subconscious rose a new gratitude for me, for how well i take care of myself, how well i know myself, and how i'm free to evolve and become even better at that. It's a new feeling and i'm loving it. I also found gratitude for my own space, my little rented apartment. A place where i get to be alone and in peace whenever i want, where i have all i need, my books and my plants and my cat, and all furniture and accessories are the kind that i find beautiful. I have so much. Thank you for helping me see this and other wonderful truths here and now. Namaste.

  8. Im so grateful to have discovered your practices 3 years ago as they have changed me for the better with every practice! Especially the new year practices you do every year! 💖 a massive thank you for your help in my journey to become my better self and to love what I learn. 👏😘 Thank you Adriene! With your practices I have been able to be more confident and brave in achieving my dreams!🎉😘

  9. MANIFEST DAY 31. I HAVE MANIFESTED SELF LOVE FIRST. Thank you for this wonderful month of growth and changes and love and loss and mourning and awakening and revisiting and letting go and GRATITUDE. Thank you so much for all that you do, I am so thankful that I found you and so thankful for this wonderful community. I am in love with myself when I look and see myself as the person I want to be, strong and empowered. I still have my whole life to do work and do work I shall, it makes me BETTER. I am getting better every single day. I am getting better at learning about the higher self and the vibration it can cast on not only me but my world around me. Thank you Adriene, I have so much love and respect for you. Next up, JUNE. CATCH A WAVE BABY! <3

  10. What a lovely round off to Manifest May. I truly am grateful for you, Adriene. This month I’ve been able to manifest a true belief in my worth and my ability, and have been able to in turn manifest good things into existence. My life is so much brighter with you in it, and I can’t wait to continue this journey with you into June. As always, thank you a million times, and see you tomorrow! Namaste xxx

  11. Today I was having a bad day and I thought of skipping this practice but I'm so glad I did not. This was one of the most relaxing and calming practice I have ever done. I feel at peace. I'm so grateful to have you and this wonderful community as a part of my life. Thank you so much Adriene. I love you very much <3