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I have been getting a lot of questions on yoga for hamstrings so this video is all about hamstring flexibility and making a full physique expertise. Discover ease as we improve flexibility and stability within the backs of the legs and stretch the complete physique.

This sequence can also be nice for stretching and supporting the again and relieving stress within the neck. Construct consciousness of the sit bone to heel connection and easy methods to combine breath to seek out what feels good and revel in your observe!

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  1. I've been suffering with what I think is a torn hamstring for at least 3 months. I rested it and it never got better. After 3 months of getting intense pain in my right buttock running all the way down to my calf, I elevated my leg whilst I got my motorbike tested for 30 minutes and found I could move my leg with less pain briefly, but woke up still struggling to put my socks on the next morning. I thought I had done the tear from stretching too far on a cold muscle, but then realised that resting hadn't fixed it, and that I had to stretch to fix it. I then remembered that my stretching routine had started with Yoga with Adriene videos, and so I looked up this video specifically. I have found such vast improvements from following doing this exercise routine every day. I sometimes do it twice, or I do this, and then a different video for sciatica, etc. I now know it in my head, so I can go outside and do it too! It's making a massive positive difference to my life, it was getting so frustrating after months with no improvements and consistent chronic and shooting pain. Thank you Adriene! I'll keep myself dedicated, with my improved movement and quality of life as motivation!

  2. I have been looking for something for my hamstrings because I find they really limit my ability to do yoga. I love Yoga with Adriene, but this sequence is not useful for people like me – or the one for hips and lower back. I couldn't even sit in the starting position for that one 🙁 This is "Yoga for Hamstrings for people who are already flexible", not "Yoga for Hamstrings for people who cannot sit with their legs out". Head to the knee? Like so many desk workers, I need binoculars to see my knees I am so far.
    I would love Adriene to do some videos on something like remedial yoga for people who are starting so inflexible they cannot do regular yoga – but she might need to team up with some inflexible people to know what that really means. I think her version of 'tight' and 'inflexible' are still better than I will even get.
    In the mean time, does anyone have recommendations for good yoga for people with REALLY tight/short hamstrings?

  3. This video helped so much! I have right hamstring tendinosis and it has been ongoing for months. It hurt all the way through till the block. Contracting against resistance and stretching really seem to help release it. I will definitely be returning to this video!

  4. I just finished today wonderful practice, I had to improvise with the block and Adriene words of wisdom came to me, "that's the beauty of the at home practice." which made me smile, thank you for this video and taking the effort everyday to make videos for us on youtube , hope you are having a wonderful week so far, love yuh and Namaste🙏💕.

  5. Ooh yes Adriene, I’m thinking this is for all those cyclists and runners in my family ( just achieved greatness in the Edinburgh Marathon 👍🏻) and for me too. This senior yogi doesn’t think much about hamstrings and this was proved by all my shaking and wobbling in my practice but it was fun and afterwards my legs can still feel their workout. Soooo good, must repeat ! See you tomorrow on the mat, nearing the end of OPEN ! 🧘🏼‍♀️🧘🏻‍♀️🙏💞