Yoga For Hangovers


We have had many requests for this: Yoga for Hangovers! Are inclined to your throbbing headache, nurture your system and discover what feels good with the mild and rejuvenating follow. You do not have to be hungover or have a headache to get pleasure from this sequence! Heal your physique. Breathe deep. Onward, we transfer.

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  1. I'm not hungover, but I needed the mental break from my essay. Although this video might come in handy the day after my aunt's surprise party, haha. Sadly though, I feel like I still need to do an additional workout. I'm not super excited about that, but it's not supposed to be intense so I should have expected that. I am thankful for the variety though.

  2. Being sober for 3 years, I wouldn’t have selected this session had it not been on the December 2018 Hope Calendar. However, it was the perfect video to ease me into my day after completing my first 50k yesterday. Kind and loving words of encouragement are always appreciated. If you’re hungover or extremely sore from other activities, this is a great video to help work out the kinks and ease you back in to your routine. ✌🏻

  3. I joined you for Monday’s calendar and all hangover sufferers. Since practicing yoga I have consumed less and less alcohol, only at celebrations and feel so much better for it. Every morning with my yoga first thing I have my ACV, honey and lemon juice …. awesome. So a gentle practice today and super kind 🧘🏼‍♀️🧘🏻‍♀️🙏💞 see you tomorrow for the swapped new video for Equestrians .

  4. I certainly don't party like I used to but last night I had one too many. Was slightly embarrassed to be searching YouTube for "yoga for hangovers" but I'm so glad I found this video! Super helpful and soothing…time for a glass of water and a shower before I continue on with my day. Thank you so much!

  5. wow thanks for the words this was fun and uplifting! ah you are right about the more we practice the more our tolerance for toxins lowers, i feel the same way. i had two drinks last night and i feel like crap today! but the physical exercise from the practice sure should help for our dancing stamina don't you think? 😀 will put that to the test sometime soon i hope. namaste!

  6. The thumbnail is literally everything. When I type in hangover yoga and some other people come up looking all yoga twisty I'm like aww hell nah..! Adriene fix me up! Def have done this at least three times now. Yes it was fun. Wooh! Major deep breaths today during practice. We got this! And hey I actually did a head stand at the end!?!? Wow hello self, I see you!!