Yoga for Power and Focus


Adriene shares an energetic and conscious follow for constructing energy within the physique and connecting to your focus. This sequence wakes up the physique and with follow will assist construct sturdy muscle tissues within the legs, arms and core. This follow can also be meant to help you in changing into extra conscious of your ideas, your phrases and your finally your focus. This will help with focus on a venture or connecting to your larger function. Return to this follow commonly to see how you’ve grown! You might be able to a lot! Namaste! For extra free yoga movies and to obtain Adriene’s weekly letter go to

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  1. I don't have enough strengths to do crow pose. It is very frustrating the idea that I ll never be Able to do that. Is it possible to learn? To build this strength and focus ? I liked the comment about taking courage a lot, and I felt stupid about writing this. Cause I know if we think we won't be able to do something , that will become the truth cause you don't work for it the proper way. Still, I was curious: can it be I was born not to be able to this pose ? My arms just can't bear it and I feel my body just can t take a crow pose, but I d like to be strong and do it so badly………

  2. Practising this video again (thanks to the November playlist!) for the first time in a couple of years and hearing that beautiful outro music reminded me of where I was physically and mentally the first time I heard it.. how far I have come since then practising yoga pretty much daily with YWA videos. I've said this many times before but I am so grateful for what you do, big love and thank you from the bottom of my heart Adriene! 🙏💚Virginia, UK

  3. I was kind of dreading doing this practice before I started (as I do with all long, strength yoga videos of yours haha), but I'm happy I stuck to the November schedule. Loved the music at the end as well, perfect after getting my whole system activated. It felt almost spiritual xoxox

  4. Every time one of your videos goes into crow pose, I get annoyed. But I know that's just my problem. It's sooo hard. I am trying to be optimistic that one day I can do it, but it's been about 2 years now of trying it and I haven't made a lot of progress. I can do one foot at a time, but that's about it. I will keep trying….

  5. I did this video today as part of the November 2018 Focus calender. Adriene's videos have helped me so much more than I could have imagined. She spoke about starting new things today, such as a new job. I have 3 job interviews scheduled next week and I really do need to move on. The YWA community is something that I have always experienced to be generous and kind. I don't feel like I should ask for anything more than what these videos already give me, but if anyone reading this would like to send me just one good vibe, I would really appreciate it and I'll send one (at least!) your way in return. Who knows if this will work, but I am willing to try. Sending out love and light to you all on this Saturday evening. X

  6. Nice lesson for integrating focus into our strength practice! For crow, I’m focusing on the proper body alignment and strength to do the crow (i.e. pressing away from the yoga mat, knees hugging into the armpit chest, using your core, drishti/focus out in front, don’t look down). In time, the crow will fly; it’s just getting the proper form and engaging those muscles

  7. Dear Adrienne, hello from Portugal! It’s been 2 months since l am practicing yoga with you and it has been a powerful and wonderful experience. Today’s practice was very hard for me, but I’m keeping this video to come back later and give it another try. Thank you a lot for your commitment to the community, always standing here for us. You are the greatest! Namaste

  8. I did this practice 2 weeks ago and was cursing because I couldn't hold some of the poses all the way (which I guess is not the purpose of yoga, lol). But today I could do everything, and felt strong and truly connected to my body for the first time, after starting (almost) daily yoga 3 months ago. This was my best yoga session so far, I just felt so amazing all the way through. I've learned to breathe . Thank you Adriene, as always ❤