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Yoga For Psoas is a 20 minute yoga follow that targets the Psoas muscle inviting a mix of launch, strengthening and stabilizing. Anchor within the sound of the breath and revel in. Repeat this follow recurrently to keep away from again ache, tightness in hips and over all stress within the physique. Preventative care is one of the best care!

Let me know the way it goes down under!

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  1. I am so grateful for your yoga sessions Adrienne. I got dumped about two weeks ago, and I've started doing Yoga daily since then as a self love practise. Although it is still incredibly hurtful, the amount of joy you brought back into my life is immeasurable. It gets better every day and I feel better every day. I cannot thank you enough for doing what you're doing! Make sure to give Benji a hug from me 🙂

  2. I had to skip this one yesterday so I just completed it and this was a yummy practice loved it, on to today's practice, last one for this month which will be my fifth month of consistent daily practice so woohoo for me lolz , hope u all are having the best month, thank u Adriene love yuh and Namaste Everyone 💕💓💗💖❤🙏

  3. I was feeling really disconnected and frustrated during this practice, up until the end. You said "the light in me recognizes and honors the light in you," and I whispered "thank you" to which you seemed to hear me, and responded in the same soft tone "thank you." This connection to your fellow yogis is unlike any other I've ever experienced. Thank you, and namaste!

  4. For Day 30 of OPEN, last but one, it is great to return to this awesome powerful practice, all through feeling your love and care Adriene. It means so much, slow and mindful with your reminders to the little details that make such a difference. I also could hear your heartbeat in my Airpods and breathing deep. I love the way this sequence focuses on that core strength muscle, amazing feeling ! See you tomorrow on the mat 🧘🏼‍♀️🧘🏻‍♀️🙏💞

  5. Thank you for your videos. I've been doing yoga daily for several months now and it has helped (along with other things) with me losing roughly 20 pounds.

    However, I do want to ask if there are any variations or tips for proper form for the pose immediately after lizard pose in this video. I experience extremely sharp pain any time I try to do a pose that involves my knee touching the mat and reaching back to grab that same foot.

    I'm curious if I'm alone in this. I tend to not have any problems in places where yoga instructors caution care with the knee and I don't think I've had any instructor warn me on this. I haven't always been kind to my knees (football and rugby), but don't typically experience any problems or issues with them.

  6. After doing this session, i laid there flat on the floor and my legs from the groin downwards, was shaking on there own, quite fiercely, like tremors for around half an hour, would anyone know what would be happen for me there? it wasn't unpleasant or painful and i allowed it to happen, felt like some kind of release i imagined but was slightly surprising

  7. I played ultimate frisbee for the first time in 4 years yesterday and woke up aching! I managed to make it through my work day but once I got home I knew I needed something to work out the kinks. This was a wonderful practice to do not only to help my tight hips but also it's raining and the sound is so soothing. Definitely will come back to this one! Thank you ❤