Yoga For Runners 2 – Cool Down Sequence


Stretch it out and funky it down after your run with this Yoga For Runners Sequence!

Additionally try my Yoga For Runners – Warmup Sequence:

This apply is an all stage sequence that’s good for protecting the muscle tissues and joints joyful and wholesome. Use the instruments of Yoga to go with your operating apply. Examine in along with your breath, stretch and strengthen the muscle tissues and keep away from pointless tightness, soreness and joint ache.

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  1. I went sliiiightly over my appropriate edge on the run and wanted therefore to cool down properly because my hip hurt a bit (in a not good way, not talkin bout soreness). Now my hip is pretty much fine: enough rest, maybe some more yoga and perhaps a painkiller and I'll be mighty fine🙏🏻🙏🏻

  2. Got a terrible cramp in my abdomen when out jogging today that I actually had to stop early and was so tired and beat down by the time I came back in that I was considering just skipping some cool down yoga and going straight for a hot shower. I am soooo happy I decided to still do this yoga practice, it actually felt amazing to do and was the first time since starting yoga that I wasn't keeping track of the time left and was sad when it ended

  3. Just finished the Spartan beast, a 14 mile obstacle course run. I crossed the finish line exhausted, hardly able to move, but you better believe the first thing I did was this cool down stretch. Thank you for these vids, it's really become a staple in my training that I couldn't do without