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Our Pranayama Sequence continues with Nadi Shodhan pranayama (Alternate Nostril Respiratory)! It solely LOOKS like I am selecting my nostril. This breath approach has so many advantages! It’s an effective way to calm the nervous system and relieve stress and nervousness. It’s nice for focus, cleaning and is a implausible headache remedy! Alternate Nostril Respiratory is an excellent method to put together the physique for meditation for asana apply.


Intro tune by Shake Graves, extra at

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  1. HI!! So ive been struggling with anxiety since i was a kid! teenage years it got worse i always thought something was wrong with me discovering as i got older. I am me and this has helped me to cope with my anxiety. When feeling an attack coming on i will do this technique! thankyou so much for sharing im beyond happy i found your youtube!! Im new to you and will be following very often. I know theres a calming side to the nostrils and n energy side? in which to why at times we have blockage, because we often breath through one nostril. is the left the calming balance and the right the energy balance? when we combine it creates our balanced breathing. please get back to me!! MUCH LOVE EVERYONE!!

  2. I love ANB I use it to start my Kriya meditation practice to set the tone and get me into a meditative state faster. I also use it post workout for balance. Finally I use it anytime I need to focus or calm thoughts. You can also use a mantra while breathing in and out for example So Hum or OM and keep your attention on the third eye for even more focus.Bless.