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On this episode of Yoga Ideas we sort out the alignment and motion of Desk Prime Place – per request! Whereas we like to be delicate, experiential and to deal with sensations and discovering what feels good, typically it’s useful to deal with alignment and hold noticing what we are able to do to create a powerful basis for our follow. This permits us to seek out freedom inside the type and finally to get pleasure from our yoga follow – increasingly more. Adriene shares recommendations on creating a powerful and wholesome basis in Desk Prime Place – which is able to help you in different poses and invite extra integrity into your asana. Have enjoyable! For extra free goodies, weblog and extra go to

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  1. Is pushing away from a wall while standing or leaning a healthy way to strengthen the hands and wrists? I haven't been able to really pick up yoga because I can't seem to get more than 10 minutes into a routine before my hands tire out and I can't take any weight off of my wrists.
    The wall idea occurred to me just the other day and it seems to work the hands and forearms just the same as table top, but I was wondering if this could cause any problems.

  2. Hi Adriene, Thanks for this! It helped so much and I did it right before watching the headstand yoga and it really helped me get my foundation right. I walk a lot throughout the day for my job and my hamstrings are super tight and sore. Any advice or direction you can give me on that? Thanks!

  3. Dear Adrienne, 
    I really love your videos, you give so many good advice!! your explanation are so detailed!! It is jsut great!!!
    I've been following your videos for almost a year now, and decided to take classes this year. Finally managed to find classes I like… But your advice are needed… Adrienne, you're awesome!!!
    you're giving so much, you're fantastic and wanted to thank you!!! 

  4. I have a question- how do you sit back on your feet like that, when the toes are tucked under? I tried it in one of your videos and it was one of the biggest nope moments of my life. I didn't know if I was doing it wrong, or if having very large calf and thigh muscles as I do would make the pose more difficult.